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In 2022, the Wittenberg Center for Reformation Studies has begun offering programs that immerse participants in the story of the Reformation and show its relevance for the church and society today. Its principal summer program is the Wittenberg Fellows Program, an all-expense-paid summer course for ten students of history and theology; in addition, two Research Fellows are appointed to pursue their own writing projects related to the Reformation. The Student Fellows visit original sites, explore and discuss important sources, become familiar with the practices of German Reformation research, and personally engage with distinguished Reformation scholars. Thus, the Center offers unique access to the Wittenberg story that changed the course of history.

Leucorea (Wittenberg University)

Application process for Fellowships

The course program and research support of the Wittenberg Center for Reformation Studies are open to all students and scholars of Reformation history. If you are interested in participating in the activities of the Wittenberg Center, please contact the directors. We will ask for your curriculum vitae and a letter of recommendation from your academic institution. If you teach at an academic institution and would like to recommend one of your students, please contact the directors.

If you are a former Student Fellow and would like to come to Wittenberg during a Summer Course to do research and participate in some of the course activities, you can use your Wittenberg Research Grant to become an ‘Alumni Fellow’. The Wittenberg Center will assist you with travel and housing arrangements.

Student Fellows who participate in a four-week Summer Course of the Wittenberg Center for Reformation Studies receive a ‘Study Grant’ in connection with the course and are invited to apply for a ‘Research Grant’ within three years after the course. With the ‘Research Grant’, the Wittenberg Center for Reformation Studies supports the academic research of the Student Fellows with up to € 1,500. The application form can be found here:

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