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How does a New Testament scholar look on Luther? Prof. Jonathan Linebaugh (Cambridge University) analyzed together with the Student Fellows Luther’s commentaries and lectures on Galatians 2. In a lively and sometimes controversial discussion the group explored once more the theological program of the Reformation that changed church and world.

Another Guest Lecture prepared a special event: Prof. Dorothea Wendebourg (Humboldt University, Berlin) introduced the Fellows to the music of the Reformation, so that in the evening the group could follow the private concert of the renowned Lautten Compagney Berlin with Reformation and Renaissance music in the Wittenberg Parish Church.

On this day some of the donors of the Wittenberg Center visited Wittenberg and invited to a Dinner to the Refectory of the Luther House and a reception in the garden of the Melanchthon House. The Reformation brings together people from different angles of the world and invites them to engage with the rediscovery of the Bible in the Sixteenth Century. Sitting in the pews of the Wittenberg Parish church, looking at the Reformation altar painted by the Cranachs, listening to the music and paying attention to the sometimes deep, sometimes funny, sometimes spicy texts of the songs was a unique experience.

Fellows and Guests of the Wittenberg Summer Course 2022

Front row: Dan Matei Epure, Colin Donnelly, Alexander Batson, Kate Shore, Jacob Trotter, Aaron Garza,
Insa Christiane Hennen, John Mark Oduor.
Back row: Holland Coleman, Andreas Bergman, Jonathan Linebaugh, Ashley Null, Dorothea Wendebourg, Andreas Stegmann.

Concert in the Parish Church

Reception in the garden of the
Melanchthon House

John and Kathryn Fonville, Dorothea Wendebourg, Jonathan Linebaugh, Ashley Null,
Insa Christiane Hennen, Andreas Stegmann, Coleen and Wayne McCall