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At the beginning of the day Student Fellow Daniel Kamala (South African Theological Seminary) presented his research on Martin Luther and women. He focused on Luther’s presentation of the female protagonists of the synoptic Gospels and the Gospel of John. He argued that the New Testament asserts the key role of women in church while the church of later times not always captures this important aspect of the Christian message.

Together with guest lecturer Prof. Dorothea Wendebourg (Humboldt University of Berlin) the group explored the sacramental theology of the German and Swiss reformers. Starting with the liturgical orders in Wittenberg and Zurich from the mid-1520s they compared programmatic statements of Luther and Zwingli on sacramental theology. Prof. Wendebourg made it clear that the Wittenberg and the Zurich Reformation are divided by Luther’s and Zwingli’s teaching on the sacraments.