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Together with the Fellows of the Wittenberg Summer Course Prof. Dorothea Wendebourg (Humboldt University Berlin) analyzed programmatic writings of the leaders of the Wittenberg and Zurich Reformation on the sacraments. A close lecture of Luther’s ‘Babylonian Captivity of the Church’ made clear that for the Wittenberg Reformation the sacrament is about Gospel and faith. The ‘Small Catechism’ showed that during the 1520s Luther emphasized more and more the outward sign and the bodily dimension of the sacrament. Zwingli’s ‘Commentary on True and False Religion’ and his confession for the Augsburg Diet of 1530 (‘Fidei Ratio’) showed the totally different approach of the Zurich reformer: salvation is spiritual and sacraments are not God’s gift for the believers but their answer to God.