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After four exhausting days of travel, the Fellows of the Summer Course had a day of study while the directors and advisors of the Wittenberg Center for Reformation Studies met with Dr. Reiner Haseloff, Prime Minister of Saxony-Anhalt. For more than two hours, a lively discussion took place on the significance of the Reformation and the care of its memory.

Present were the two directors of WCRS (Ashley Null, Andreas Stegmann), two key advisors of WCRS (Prof. Dorothea Wendebourg, Prof. Thomas Kaufmann), and John and Kathryn Fonville representing the donors from the United States. Some of their children attended the meeting to underline the commitment of the supporters to WCRS. Pastor Fabian Mederacke from the Wittenberg Parish Church and Christian Grewing from Berlin joined the meeting as well and shared their views on the commemoration of the Reformation.

(Photo: Steffi Bernhardt, Wittenberg)