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Two new courses are beginning this and the coming week, bringing the total number of courses offered by WCRS for the study and practice of Latin to five:

  • Beginning Latin (starting with unit 1 of the “Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin” on January 31, 2024)
  • Advanced group #1 (now at unit 13 of the Primer)
  • Advanced group #2 (now at unit 28 of the Primer)
  • Reading the Latin translation of Origen’s commentary on Romans (starting on February 8, 2024)
  • Translation of 16th century sources (currently, a medieval sermon on the Lord’s Supper attributed to St. Cyprian, which contains a symbolic interpretation of the sacrament that seemed useful to Reformed theologians in the Reformation century)

These groups are open to newcomers. The day and time of the weekly meetings can be found at