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Tuesday, June 13, focused on one of the classic themes of Reformation studies: the Reformation in the city. Participants received an introduction to the city of current research and explored a revealing source of religious change in the 1520s: the records of the Nuremberg abbess Caritas Pirckheimer. Dr. Insa Christiane Hennen’s tour of the Wittenberg City Church showed that this change was also evident in the city that had given birth to the Reformation.

This Tuesday also saw the first presentation by a Student Fellow: Shady Anis (Cambridge University) presented his research project on the relationship between Thomas Cranmer and Martin Luther. Using the baptismal liturgy of the “Book of Common Prayer” as an example, he demonstrated the reception of the Wittenberg model, but also the changes and innovations in the process of reception.

Visiting the archive of the Parish Church.